WordPress use tags as keywords meta tag


This is simple code to use wordpress tags as keywords meta tag. Use can make this as plugin or just put it in funtions.php file.
Ok, let’s start. Open your funtions.php in your themes directory. This funtions.php may vary depend on your using themes, so please try to find correct file. At the end of funtions.php file, before ?> please add the following code:

Please replace “Biên Thùy, Bien Thuy, Lập Trình PHP MySQL, Tâm Linh, Xem Bói, Xem Giới Tính Em Bé” by your own keywords. These keywords will display in the home page.
Now save it and update it to your host.
Next, find header.php file, open it and look up for <?php wp_head(); ?>, before it, insert this line:

That’s it. Very simple. Now, go to your home page and random post to check if it work.
If you got any errors or question, please comment below and Bien Thuy will happy to help you.


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